From: Scott Abbett

Dear Future Hard Body,

Does that sound funny? I mean… addressing you as "future hard body." Well, it shouldn't… and I'm gonna tell you why: 'Coz if I can do it – so can you.

You see… I struggled for a long time trying to improve my body. I wasted thousands of dollars and enough time to make me sick just thinking about it. I banged my head against the wall in utter frustration. I thought I'd tried everything to make myself lean and muscular.

… But I was dead WRONG…

… I had NOT tried everything. Obviously, I spent a long time NOT doing what would actually WORK. I listened to everyone else. They were all saying the same things. They all said things like: Do BIG exercises to gain muscle – work each muscle once-a-week – eat a lot of food; chow down every two hours – sleep ten hours – “confuse your muscles”… on and on… like copycat zombies.

But if those things really build a nice body – why are so many people frustrated even after getting this information - virtually EVERYWHERE? If you’re like they are and I was, then read on because…

… Things Are About to Change for YOU – Very Nicely

What I’m about to share with you should be of interest if…

  • You’re sick and tired of getting nowhere with your body improvement workouts.
  • You don’t want to waste any more of your hard-earned money on bodybuilding supplements that don’t add an ounce of muscle to your body.
  • You don’t want to waste money on some generic routine sold by an ‘Internet bodybuilding guru’ who’s charging 80 bucks for info you could have gotten from a 7-dollar magazine.
  • You want a nice body and know instinctively that dancing around in front of your TV like Richard Simmons (with dumbbells) won’t make it happen.
  • You’ve noticed that doing “body weight exercises” are only going to improve… uh, well… your ability to do body weight exercises; it won’t get you the nice body you’re seeking.
  • You’ve been led to believe there’s an age limit to your ability to build a great body. Don’t believe it. (I’m getting stronger and more muscular with age).
  • You want a nice body but you don’t want to give up your social life (and everything else you value) to make it happen.

To Build a Lean, Strong, and Shapely Body – You Need To Pack On Some Muscle…

You might know that already. But many don’t realize we lose nearly seven pounds of muscle per decade as we age. That’s why when you “lose weight” at sixty years old – your bodily reflection isn’t nearly as compelling as when you lost that weight at 30. Much of the youthful muscle is gone.

Then… a lot of people are deceived into thinking that a “boot-camp-like” body-weight program will work to build muscle. They think it will give them the shape and contour they’re seeking. They buy programs with names like “Max Intensity… T90 – X Factor”… or whatever… and end up disappointed ‘coz they only lose some body fat.

Wait… “Only”… lose some body fat?

That’s right! You already know you could do that by cutting back on food and walking a mile around your neighborhood each morning.

… And you could do pushups and pull-ups and body weight squats ‘til you’re blue in the face and dripping in sweat… and… where will it get you?

Let me answer by revealing this:

I’ve been through the Most Rigorous Military Training in the World… TWICE… and it NEVER made My Body Appear any Better

Check out the picture below. I’d just finished ‘hell week’ in BUD/S Training back in 1986. That’s the most arduous week of the most physically demanding training in the world.

Finishing Hell Week

Does it appear that I had a “nice body?”

Let me be candid: If I’d taken off my shirt, I’d have looked like a string-bean with a slight paunch. It didn’t even look like I worked out. But I was doing tons of running and swimming and the biggest obstacle course ever created

And high reps “resistance exercise?” Oh yeah… we did THAT; in the form of “weight lifting” with a heavy log. It built toughness. It built reliability under pressure. But…

…It didn't build a nice body.

Believe me – if I thought “boot-camp workouts” – or any other type of military regimen could improve my body (and do it efficiently) – I would do it. Why not? I could probably already do it better than most. But I won’t waste my time.

But my first few years of body building were a waste of time too. In fact…

…You think YOU have Bad Genetics? My Muscles Seemed to be Shrinking when I tried to make them Grow

Nobody understands that frustration more than I do. I sometimes came home from the gym and threw my gym bag across the room in anger. I would curse in contempt of my lousy genetics. I was wasting time and getting nowhere. Worse… I was failing at the thing I really wanted to be good at – getting in hard body, lean, and muscular shape.

That’s all changed. I now pack on muscle and stay youthfully lean with incredible predictability… and you can join me.

You can finally build non-stop natural muscle. You can get that body that turns heads. You will possess a pair of powerful “guns” hanging at your sides. You’ll have a chiseled and thrusting chest that commands respect. You can have wide cannon-ball shoulders. You’ll get sweeping lats that will look like wings jutting out – giving you the illusion of a smaller waistline and the virile appearance of someone younger than you are. You’ll get powerful thighs that shake slightly with each step you take – showing the strength and confidence of a capable athlete.

How do I know you can get these things… regardless of your age?

Coz I’m getting Stronger, Leaner, and More Muscular than Ever and I’m almost 47 Years Old…

And I’m doing it while going to the gym a lot less often and having plenty of time to do everything else I want to do.

You see… that’s one of the biggest muscle building “secrets”: People think if you have a “nice body” – you must be spending a lot of time working out. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in many cases, working out less often is the key. Workouts can only stimulate the body to change. It’s during recovery between workouts when the muscles grow and positive change takes place.

"I'm making progress like I was 20 instead of 50!

Scott, I have enjoyed your insights and this is the 1st time I have made steady, ever increasing progress, and I could not be more thrilled. Thanks for the information and encouragement."

John Thomas
Asheville, NC

… But here’s the Strange Part… And It Might Surprise You

I’ve discovered it takes even more rest between workouts than even the biggest believers in recuperation realize. Does that sound hard to believe? If so, you might want to…

…Think about this for a minute:

Have you ever been plugging along at your workouts… you know… doing them on a weekly basis, and… well… generally getting nowhere? Then – for no particular reason… (besides sinking motivation) – you take two weeks off? Out of nowhere, you take two weeks of unplanned rest. And… low and behold – you come back to working out and you’re STRONGER than you were before. It’s happened to me. And it took me a long time to get it through my thick skull that I should try taking…

… Umpteen Days of Rest between Workouts instead of a Lousy Five or Six

Why not? What would I have to lose? If I was getting nowhere already – how could I end up any worse off? In fact, I’d be better off getting nowhere and wasting less time than getting nowhere and wasting a lot.

Ask yourself this question: When it comes to building muscle, who decided we should do workouts once or twice per week? Was it decided scientifically? Has extensive research been done? Or did arm-chair experts and magazine writers just watch what worked for steroid-using pro bodybuilders – and then… just start printing these workouts as orthodox truth?

To show you how stupid this can be – let’s make a comparison. Let’s go outside the world of bodybuilding by looking at the world of investing.

Warren Buffett is known as the world’s greatest investor. He’s also a contrarian thinker.  When asked about ‘annual earnings reports’, he once quipped:

“Why should I measure a company’s performance just because the earth
revolved around the sun one time?”

Do you ever apply that kind of contrarian thinking to bodybuilding and fitness? Think about it – your body will only build muscle during rest between workouts. You’re told by “experts” to rest those muscles within the time of one week. Then you’re to hit them with more “damage” from workouts.  But do you ever ask yourself:

“Why should muscle tissue recover from a workout just because the
earth made 1/52nd of a revolution around the sun?”

“Ha-ha”… that’s a contrarian Warren Buffett-type question applied to bodybuilding. And it’s a good question; your muscles don’t know it’s been a week. They don’t know they’re supposed to be recovered from the last workout. Put simply: They don’t “recover on demand.” And if they’re not fully recovered – you don’t make progress and you waste time and effort.

If you go no further in reading this letter… promise me you’ll try one thing:

Try working your muscles every… oh… eight or nine days. Just add more than one week of rest time between working each muscle. See what happens. If it does nothing – you’ll lose nothing if you were already getting nothing.

But what if your progress begins to pick up again? Or what if you’ve never worked out and you start this way and begin making great gains right out of the gate? You’ll gain a big edge from the start. In either case, you’ll see your body improve without wasting time.

But You’ll Gain Something Even Better

… What you’ll gain most of all is a sense of POWER. It’s the power of knowing you can change your body for the better – whenever you want. That’s what you’ll love. It gives you a sense of control over your life. It transcends to other areas. You become more confident. You’ll enjoy the feeling of knowing inside information that most people never discover. That’s a great feeling that you can just tuck away inside you… or… “let the cat out of the bag” if someone really wants to know your secret.

Adam Before and After Body Building with Hard Body Success

“Scott, this book is fantastic... The pictures speak for themselves!”

Adam Thibault
San Diego, CA

Whatever you do To Improve Your Body… It needs to be a Lot Different than what Millions of People are Doing

Have you ever noticed the following?

  • There’s a lot of workout information out there.
  • There are millions of people trying to get lean and muscular.
  • Very few people are making the progress they want.
  • Many of the few who make progress use steroids to make it happen.

Now, I’m not recommending steroid use. I’ve never used bodybuilding drugs and I don’t advise it. My point is simply this: If the information that’s out there is good – how come nobody is getting very far with it? If training a body part at least once-per-week builds muscle – how come thousands of people are doing it and not building muscle?

Is that a good question?

Well, here’s an even better one: Who started the notion that muscles need to be worked every few days or they’ll lose size and strength? It probably wasn’t someone with much real world experience in natural body building. I’ve turned that idiotic notion on its head. And ya know what I’ve done by doing so? I’ve discovered how to…

… Save a lot of Time, Money, and Heartache in Getting an Ever-Stronger, Leaner, and More Muscular Body

So who am I and why do you have a lot to gain by trusting me? To give you a better idea of who I am – let’s go over the following list of who I am NOT:

  • I’m not a former steroid user who uses his drug-built muscularity to try and sell you “natural bodybuilding.”
  • I’m not an affiliate marketer who never put an ounce of muscle on his body but wants to sell you every generic course on how to do it.
  • I’m not a guy who got in shape one time and now sells a course on how to do it while my butt gets so fat that I break my computer-desk chair; I provide ongoing pictures of my body improving with age.
  • I’m not a twenty-something kid who became an overnight bodybuilding expert because… well… “just because.” I’m in my late forties and I’ve got over 25 years of muscle and fitness experience.
  • I’m not like certain authors who claim they went “from geek to freak” by gaining 30-something pounds of muscle in 30 days – then not showing any remnants of muscle thereafter. You and I know if this were possible – pro athletes would stop using steroids and hire guys like these to be their trainers.
  • I will never insult your intelligence with ‘before/after shots’ in which I’m fourteen years old (or younger) in the “before” picture. Who wasn’t a skinny runt before puberty?
  • I don’t have good genetics for this stuff; my mom’s skinny and my dad’s overweight. Where does that leave me? Nobody in the family is naturally muscular…
  • I’m not someone willing to offer you “anything and everything bodybuilding and fitness.” If I don’t think it’s a big value with long-term results – I won’t put it on my website. I want to be able to look you in the eye when I shake your hand.

… Oh Yeah, and before I forget to tell you… I don’t mince words; I just say it like it is – One of my more “charming” qualities.

Scott Abbett taking the Polygraph Test
Want Proof that I’ve Never Used Steroids or Other Bodybuilding Drugs?

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Polygraph Test for Steroids

If You’re Tired of Getting Nowhere by Listening to Arm-Chair Experts and Former Steroid Users… then this is for YOU

Here’s the deal: I have a book containing the powerful and contrarian secrets by which I get Non-Stop Bodybuilding Results. I get these results naturally – without EVER having seen a steroid or other bodybuilding drug.

But here’s something you’ll like even better:

The book doesn’t just share body improvement secrets. It’s also a book to build your mind. It’s like a self-improvement and bodybuilding book rolled into one.

Why would I combine the two?

… Because Your Mind has the Power to Send Your Bodybuilding Progress into Overdrive

How do we know this?

Simple: it’s the reason for the “placebo effect” when using bodybuilding supplements. You know… the reason bodybuilding supplements often help for a while and then stop. It’s the reason double-blind tests are needed to see if a supplement “works.”

This is the power of your subconscious mind; if we BELIEVE something will work – we perform better for a while and… well… it ends up working (sort of). It works for a while and then stops. But…

… What if you could have that powerful effect all the time?

How much muscle could you gain – NON-STOP – if you could create an “ongoing placebo effect?”

I’ll answer that from experience: “Whatever amount you want.” You don’t have to experience plateaus and wasted time like 99% of natural trainers do. You can gain that terrific feeling that only comes when seeing your body transform before your eyes. Better yet… you can have that optimistic mindset that comes from knowing you have the power to continue improving your body as long as you want. This creates confidence. You can share the reason for your confidence or just tuck it away inside of you behind a self-assured smile.

In fact, when you learn to use your mind to build your body – you’ll have the formula that helps build everything else in your life.

Here’s what a formula like that can do for you:

  • Gain the confidence of realizing you can improve your physique whenever you want.
  • Get that powerful feeling that only having a strong body can provide you.
  • Stand out among your peers as your muscles just keep growing bigger while you spend less time working out.
  • Feel that sense of knowing that you can put as much muscle on your body as you want – for as long as you want
  • Internalize the self-assurance that comes from knowing elite methods that most people never discover.
  • Exude the poise and coolness that surfaces as your body just keeps on getting stronger and better looking.
  • Gain the certainty and conviction that can only come from knowing a powerful, effective, and efficient formula.
  • Enhance your self-belief as you gain an insider’s formula for achieving more success at everything you do.
  • Feel more positive and happy about life as you realize how much control you really have over things.

"A great book with great principles!

I plan on utilizing several of them for more than just physical change!"

Richard Von Scherr
Alpharetta, GA

… And how would you create this ongoing placebo effect?

…With a Technique called ‘Anchoring’, You’ll Create that Powerful Muscle Building Effect

Actually, it’s ‘anchoring’ and a unique workout … combined. This creates a synergistic effect. When you start with the perfect amount of workout stress – then combine it with the perfect amount of recuperation – then add a powerful dose of performance-enhancing anchoring – you make UNSTOPPABLE GAINS. That’s what I’m enjoying and I want you to enjoy too.

Muscle Building Book

Here’s just a small sample of just some of the other powerful nuggets of information you’ll get from this book:

  • The exact amount of reps and rest between sets that creates incredible natural muscle growth. (Page 118)

  • The secret formula that makes every workout a muscle-expanding success. (Page 104)

  • A simple way to structure your bodybuilding workouts so they always pay off with bigger gains. (Page 107)

  • How to easily develop a ‘super-human mindset’ during workouts. (WARNING: Side-effects include more alpha-male behavior outside the gym) Page 163

  • Why you should use “elite training” and “flexible recuperation” to enjoy continuous natural bodybuilding gains. (Page 106)

  •  How to override the placebo effect of bodybuilding supplements so you can easily tell if they’re worth your money. (Page 153)

  • The one thing you must do to determine how many sets you should perform for a muscle group. (Page 123)

  • What the absolute best repetition range is for gaining maximum muscle size as fast as possible. (Page 113)

  • How to never hit a muscle-building plateau. (Hint: it’s not “muscle confusion”) Page 106

  • The real secrets to always being motivated (This is “mind knowledge” – not “rah-rah crap”). Page 48

  • How to easily be as mentally focused for bodybuilding workouts as an elite athlete is for a sports performance. (page 158)

  • Why you probably haven’t even come close to your genetic muscle building potential. (Page 94)

  • How two “micro-techniques” contain the secret to ongoing big muscle building progress. (Page 120)

  • The real secret to gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time (Yes… it can be done). Page 99

  • Why successful natural bodybuilding is a combination of an effective “inner strategy” and “outer strategy” – and how to effortlessly make both work together. (Page 30)

  • How to easily gauge your muscle building progress so that you’re practically “chomping at the bit” to get in the gym. (Page 119)

  • The simplest way to know if you’re overtraining or under-training – and how to quickly correct it so you never stall your progress. (Page 108)

  • How you can build a great body even on home gym equipment. (Page 110)

  •  A simple method that will show you exactly what your objective is during each workout so every one of them will contribute to muscular development. (Page 122)

  • How to incorporate ‘Pareto’s Law’ into your bodybuilding efforts so that you make maximum gains in minimal time. (Page 131)

  • The simplest and most effective way to keep body fat off so your rippling new muscle mass can be seen. (Page 206)

  • Why one change in “macro-nutrient partitioning” can make a huge difference to your bodybuilding results. (Page 186)

  • How a simple change in mindset with regard to approaching bodybuilding workouts can pay off in huge gains. (Page 43)

  • A powerful method of using your mind during crucial moments in your bodybuilding workouts. (This will pack muscle on you faster than the best supplements) Page 65

  • The easiest way to get stronger and more muscular as you get older. (You’ll make the “anti-aging crowd” green with envy) Page 108

  • A simple method to make “success visualization” happen almost automatically. (page 163)

  • How to use “instinctive eating” so you can keep gaining muscle and losing fat without spending half your life in the kitchen measuring and cooking food. (Page 186)

  • The extremely important difference between a “good workout” and a “successful workout” and why you should dump the “get a good workout mentality”. (Page 89)

  • How your inner mind works and why it holds the key to incredible natural muscle gains. (Page 12)

  •  The secret to knowing exactly how much intensity to put into each workout. (Hint: You don’t have to train like a Navy SEAL) Page 127

  • A simple method of training that will make every one of your workouts at least ten times more productive. (Page 109)

  • How to create a REAL mind/muscle connection – and how it can pack slabs of rock-hard muscle on you for as long as you want to make gains. (Page 155)

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"Thanks for the best workout information I have ever had!

I am 41 and I got great comments on my body while in Cabo over Thanksgiving! I now have my wife on your program…"

Scott Fritz
Las Vegas, Nevada

"I have received my book from you and have almost finished it. First, let me congratulate you, it is fantastic. It's far above any others I have read, and I have read and bought many in my 50 + years of training and interest in bodybuilding. You sure know your stuff.....Well done!!!!"

Ron Kehoe
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

What’s the Biggest Benefit this System will Provide You?

It will give you a greater sense of POWER. It will give you the confidence of knowing that you can change your body and life whenever you choose.

That’s a great feeling.

You can tuck that inside your mind and rest assured – even if you don’t decide to improve your body now.

You Won’t Find This Information Anywhere Else – Guaranteed!

That’s because 99.9% of “personal trainers” have never heard of it. You could pay them anywhere from 40 to 100 bucks an hour – day after day – and you wouldn’t get a fraction of the value you’ll get in a single chapter of this book.

In fact, you won't find anything like this in any other workout book.

A Personal Guarantee: If you don’t benefit – I don’t want you to keep it

And I’ll give you a full ONE YEAR Money-Back Guarantee. That’s nearly unheard of. Hardly anyone does that. But I only like mutually beneficial transactions. I’ll only feel good if you feel you’ve gotten more value than you’ve paid for. And nobody can really judge a workout program in a few weeks. All I ask is that you return the book in re-saleable condition. And if you don’t decide to keep it as your personal cache of workout secrets…

To Sum it Up: 5 Reasons Why ‘Getting a Nice Body Could Be Easier Than You Think’:


You’ll use a rational system of muscle building that produces Non-Stop muscular gains while leaving you more time away from the gym.


You can combine that with simple mental training that can produce incredible workouts. It goes synergistically with the rational training to create even more muscular gains.


The mental training techniques also make better eating habits easier for you to adopt; they become more “automatic.”


The ever-increasing muscular gains make it easier and easier for you to keep body fat away (improved metabolism).


Your realization that you can keep getting a better body without “feeling overwhelmed” causes your motivation to become self-perpetuating; it shoots up and up.

You’ll get my FULL One-Year Money-Back
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What FREE Bonuses am I referring to?

There are eight of them that have a collective value that might exceed the value of the book itself. One bonus you’ll get is powerful enough that a medical doctor asked me if she could provide it for her patients. So regardless of what you decide – you’ll come out ahead.

That's right! I'm gonna give away some immediately downloadable, Free Reports with this book that will absolutely blow your mind! Along with the life changing book "HardBody Success" you'll get 8 FREE Bonuses!

"We are asking your permission to give the Report #2 to my wife's patients that are struggling with weight control

I just received the HardBody Success book with the additional reports. Haven't gotten very far but like what I've read so far. I showed my wife the Report #2. She is a Family Practice Doctor. She liked it so much she would like give the Report #2 "The Best-Kept "Secrets" for Banishing Body Fat" to several of her patients!"

Kevin Mayhew & Kathy L. Mayhew M.D.
Lowell, AR

The Five Biggest Mistakes made by Natural Trainers

"The Five Biggest Mistakes made by Natural Trainers  … and How to Avoid Them"

Do you want to know what I’m tired of? Watching innocent people get led around the gym by “personal trainers” who’ve never built an ounce of their muscles without drugs.

I’ve seen it over and over, and it ticks me off. How is a “trainer” going to show you how to build your body naturally if they’ve never done it that way for themselves? Are all of them that way? Of course not. But I’ve seen way too many that have built their own bodies with drugs and have been struggling to keep what they gained ever since.

Now they call themselves “natural” – yet they don’t have a clue how to train someone who really is natural. I’m not exactly Mr. Olympia material – but I’ve built every ounce of my muscle naturally. And my genetics are average at best… on a good day. Trust me – training successfully by natural means is far different from how 99.9% of people are doing it.

With this free information, you’ll get secrets that it took me 15 years to learn. Once you have them, you’ll be able to Pack on as much muscle as you want – Whenever you want.

That’s awesome! Because even people who just want to “get in shape” are in need of about ten pounds of muscle. This is especially true when we pass the age of 25. That’s when youthful muscle begins to disappear unless we do something to keep it.

Whatever your physique goal is: 40 pounds of rippling muscle or 5 pounds of shapely contour – this report will…

  • Have you looking great as soon as possible
  • Prevent you from making frustrating mistakes
  • Save you tons of time and trouble

And it doesn’t matter where you work out – at a gym or on a home machine. When you avoid these common mistakes, you’ll see exciting changes to your body and your motivation will shoot through the roof.

Banishing Body Fat

"The Best-Kept Secrets for Banishing Body Fat"

Take it from a guy who used to have a forty-inch waistline. Whatever your fat-loss challenges are – you can start to enjoy the higher energy level and greater sex appeal of being lean.

When you apply the method of incremental implementation, easy and long-lasting fat loss can be yours!

Life Long Leanness

"Inner Strategies for Life-long Leanness"

Getting lean and staying that way is an inside job. Even the way we think about it can influence whether we’re successful.

This simple and cutting-edge report will show you the common mental error most people make when they decide to shed body fat.

Not only that. This powerful report will show you mental strategies you can apply to everything. You can use this way of thinking to eliminate confusion and be the clear thinker that everyone admires.

Secret Supplement Method for Kick-Ass Results

"Secret Supplement Method for Kick-Ass Results"

I’m not a big user of supplements. But there’s one that I use a lot. It’s creatine. I use this stuff in a very different manner that makes it powerfully effective. I also use a certain food in a very specific manner that also improves my results.

This report will divulge these two ‘weapons of mass construction’ and how to use them for powerful progress. They’re not required for you to build your dream body – but these secrets can give you that extra push when you want it. They work synergistically with the program to maximize your positive outcome.

Mental Power for Accelerated Success

"Mental Power for Accelerated Success"

Let me tell you – this 21-page report will give you secrets to success that 99% of the “self-improvement books” are missing.

It will give you the tools to

  • smash through procrastination
  • create invincible self-confidence
  • make any of your dreams come true faster than ever before

The report is unlike anything you'll find anywhere else!

Rather than the usual useless, namby-pamby crap out there – this information will show you how to take the self-improvement stuff you find everywhere else and actually make it work.

This FREE REPORT is information you can read in an hour and start using to improve your life right away!

When you use quick and cutting-edge mental tactics, you reach your goals a lot easier – saving you tons of time in the process. 

Interview with a Fat-loss Expert

You get a 70-minute bonus audio to help you shed more body fat and get super-lean

That's right… for a limited time – while supplies last, I will throw in another bonus that you just can't get anywhere else. It's a 70 minute audio interview I did of a fellow fitness and fat loss expert. I won't reveal the expert's name right now. But I guarantee… she has the credentials and she delivers the goods. This is over one hour of powerful, no-holds-barred information that you can put to use immediately to help you create your dream body.

This exclusive and revealing audio interview is recorded on CD. It will come in the mail with your copy of HardBody Success… and you will also get it in MP3 format with your downloadable bonuses. You can play it in the car while you're driving. You can listen at home while relaxing.

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn from this bonus interview with my "mystery expert:"

  • The one variable you should consider so you will know how much body fat you should lose each week.
  • Why you should rid yourself of the "diet mentality" so you can easily achieve life-long leanness.
  • The 3 things that my expert says you "must do" in order to start attacking body fat.
  • The 5 things you can easily remove from your daily eating so you can get on the fast-track to a lean body.
  • The one thing you should think about before trying out any of the popular "fad diets" that keep coming and going.
  • There are too many topics to mention, so click here to...
    Learn more about this Bonus CD.

The information that this expert reveals is no-nonsense, cutting-edge stuff. She even surprised me with some things and I found myself taking a few notes. And why not; she has 25 years of experience in helping people shed fat from their bodies.

This rare and exclusive audio interview is another keeper for you – even if you don't decide to keep my book.  

Interview with a Fat-loss Expert

To Get a Better Body… or a Better Anything – You need to become better at what you do

I've just interviewed a guy who has tips that can get you more of what you want in everything. It doesn't matter if it's getting a better body, more career success, or an improvement in your golf swing… whatever you want to achieve. This guy's worked with a lot of top pro athletes and he delivers like nobody else. He'll clearly show you how to build mental toughness where you need it so you'll enjoy more success.

The stuff you'll get in HardBody Success is powerful. But when you add this guy's info – you'll gain even more. Use it to build your body – your career – and every other positive thing in your life:

  • Three components for peak performance in bodybuilding, athletics, or anything else – and the ideal sequence for using them.
  • The best way for you to set goals so you can conquer them like a world-class pro athlete.
  • What Arnold Schwartzenegger REALLY meant when he said he visualized his biceps "growing like huge mountains" when he trained them. The likely answer will surprise you.
  • Why common "pep-talk" type mental preparation doesn't work and the powerful technique with which you should replace it.

    More info about this bonus Audio.

… "When You Combine Secrets from this Book with the
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Would you like to REALLY accelerate your muscle building progress?

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Your answer to that is pretty obvious… right?

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Interview with a Fat-loss ExpertThis exclusive and revealing audio interview is recorded on CD. It will come in the mail with your copy of HardBody Success… and you will also get it in MP3 format with your downloadable bonuses. You can play it in the car while you’re driving. You can listen at home while relaxing.

It’s a bodybuilding workout anchoring CD that will easily put your workouts into overdrive. It’s a cinch to use and it will give you the edge you’ve been looking for.

In fact… it’s such a powerful tool – it just might be like taking a putty knife and packing new muscle on your body. It will have this effect when combined with the bodybuilding workout outlined in the book.

Best of all – using it is just a matter of relaxing and closing your eyes for twenty minutes. YOU simply relax and listen to track two on a regular basis – the audio does the rest of the “work”.

Track one of this audio is a brief introduction.

Track two is the part that will turn you into a muscle-gaining machine.

Just lie down comfortably and listen to it for twenty-five minutes per day – or even every other day. You’ll have this extra time when you work out in the manner described in the book.

This audio provides powerful suggestions that go hand-in-hand with the HardBody Success bodybuilding workouts.

You will be fully aware of the powerful and work-out enhancing suggestions. There is nothing wacky or “new-aggie” about this audio. It’s totally in line with simply being a better athletic performer.

But This is the Exciting Part: … At the most opportune moments in the muscle building script, five sequential ‘anchoring tones’ are sounded. Repeated listening to this will cause the anchoring tones to be attached to the suggestions. The suggestions are designed for incredible workout performance.

Then, on track three, those identical anchoring tones are embedded within a track of extremely motivating workout music.

Are you seeing the picture?

You listen to track 2 outside the gym. This conditions your mind for bodybuilding the way a pro athlete is mentally trained for sports performance.

Then you listen to track 3 at certain vital points in your workout.

Just put on some headphones and… LOOK-OUT:

“Your Bodybuilding Workouts turn into Power-Pumping catalysts of New Muscle Growth

Here is just a sample of what you’ll experience when you combine this audio with the workouts in the book:

  • Continuous muscle-building progress. (say goodbye to plateaus)
  • Mind-blowing intensity you never knew you had.
  • Powerful mind/muscle connection. (The real thing… effortlessly!)
  • Incredible bodybuilding workout confidence.
  • Laser-beam focus when you need it most. (Easily… without effort)
  • Shirt-stretching muscle pumps during and after workouts.
  • The confidence of a world-class athlete while you work out.
  • Increased confidence in everything you do in life.
  • Saved money by cancelling out the placebo effect of supplements.

That’s right… regular use of this audio (MP3 or CD) can also save you tons of money.

“How?”… you ask.

By maximizing your un-supplemented gains so you can tell if a bodybuilding supplement is REALLY working.

Then… if the supplement does really help, you will get its full benefit by cancelling out its placebo effect. Your mind will be helping you AND the supplement will be helping you at the same time.

That’s POWERFUL! And it’s what creates ongoing slabs of natural muscle being packed non-stop on your body.

“Wow, you look hotter than the last time I saw you in this office. Your arms are fabulous. You look 25!

Ordered your book in early March of this year. Read the whole thing from front to back. Applied it after reading, and have successfully put on 4lbs of muscles. I did notice immediately in early May that my upper body has more definition, and muscle mass. How I can tell is the way all my shirts are fitting. Love my lats,delts,biceps and back.

The best compliment was from my doctor whom I haven't seen in a year for my annual checkup. Yesterday when he saw me, the first thing he said was..." Wow, you look hotter than the last time I saw you in this office. Your arms are fabulous. You look 25!" Even the girls at the front office gave me tons of compliments, and how much tighter I look.

Thanks also for taking the skeptic out of a hard-ass like me who thinks spending 7days a week at the gym is beneficial. I actually look forward to going the gym now, knowing that I'm not a slave to it. The time off does stimulate muscle growth like you said.

I would send a picture of Before & After, from what everyone is encouraging me to do, but I'm just not the type. The obvious physical change, and the way I feel in a short time is enough for me. That makes this 43 yr old gal very happy.

Thanks for everything. I thought I was in shape all this time, but now I know I can improve with your method. That was the BEST DAMN $40 and change I've ever spent when I bought your book."

Christine Ludwig
Mission Viego, CA.

“I never thought a physique trainer could teach me so much about my mind. The stuff you have in the chapter called Flexing Your Mind is awesome. It’s helped me to gain ten pounds of solid muscle and to better myself in other areas of my life too. I’ve even used it to help me in school. Thanks again."

Peter Nguyen
Los Angeles, CA

“I like your ideas and you CAN’T have it back! It’s really good!

I received your material and have done about four cycles on the program so far. I am having a LOT LESS joint pain with your instructions incorporating proper rest than I was following somebody else's program that was starting to really wear on my various body parts. Your program is very scientific and progressive, providing long-term direction. "

Owen Jasek
La Grange, IL

"Thank you so much for the wisdom of your book—it has been nothing short of incredible (and my wife certainly appreciates the results)! During my early 20s I was in excellent shape but unable to develop consistent strength gains. Subsequent years of lapsed or inconsistent fitness training packed on twenty+ very unnecessary pounds. During the last eight years (I am now 37) I have become an almost obsessive health researcher and managed to shed the weight. Thankfully, my diet and supplementation is currently where it should be...but I was still unable to develop consistent strength gains. Until I read your book. Thanks again for your book, I am a VERY grateful client."

Daniel Hagadorn
Van Nuys, CA

"I wanted to thank you for the guideand wish you Happy New Year and a huge thank you for all your articles and everything related to staying fit without worrying about all the hype and spending 500 a month on pills. I use CEE like you said and rest and I am stronger now than I ever was in the military and that says a lot. Now that I am a new dad I can't wait to share this with my son in the future."

Mitchell Mahaffey
Oak Harbor, WA

"I have to say it is by far the most sane, logical and clear-cut approach to achieving specific fitness (and life) goals that I have ever encountered!

The information provided within is balanced and your real life experiences are not only motivational but speak for themselves. It is precisely the knowledge I had been seeking but did not know where to turn. Thank you!"

David Konitor
Montreal, Canada

“...It's actually fun, and I'm not completely exhausted all the time trying to force my body into shape.

I tear it down in the gym and it just grows bigger on it's own! And I used to think if I didn't go to the gym every day that I would lose size, like a deflating balloon, but I go to the gym less often now, and when I go to wash my hands at the sink and look in the mirror it's like "HOLY SH*T who's arms are you wearing?!" It's a pretty cool feeling to actually see some progress in the mirror, and at the same time be able to actually lift my arms to take off a shirt or brush my teeth or whatever cause they aren't perpetually obliterated from being overworked. It almost feels like cheating, ‘cause my muscles keep getting bigger but I'm not tired or sore!

Like so many other examples of people your system has worked for, this book actually works, and it's probably one of the best 40 bucks I ever spent.

Keep sending emails too, I see one in the inbox and it makes me want to go work out by default!"

Seth Young
Killeen, Texas


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