Bonus #7 Interview with a Fat-loss Expert

This audio CD provides a lot of "missing information" for life success. "How"… you ask? By first acknowledging that to get more of what you want – you have to be a "Better Performer" at what you do. That's what top pro athletes know. That's who my guest in this interview works for… on a daily basis.

Here's just a sample of what you'll get when you grab your copy of this audio CD:

  • Why the common "pep-talk" type of mental preparation is woefully inadequate and the powerful technique with which you should replace it.
  • Exactly what mental preparation is and how you can use it like a world-class athlete in only a few minutes each day.
  • Why books like 'The Secret' are good, but can fall short in showing you how to "manifest" what you want – and the vital missing ingredient you need to REALLY manifest your dreams.
  • Why many athletes and others wanting to improve performance don't understand what focus really is – and how YOU can gain that understanding for maximum success.
  • How just a few minutes of simple mental training each day can improve your performance in anything by an average of 20%.
  • Where you should focus most of your energy when going after a goal so that you greatly increase your odds of reaching it.
  • Why mental training can make your bodybuilding, fitness, sports game, or business endeavors into more rewarding and enjoyable experiences.
  • The best way for you to set your goals so that you can conquer them like a world-class pro athlete does.
  • A key ingredient you need to add to any visualization technique so that it becomes powerfully more effective.
  • How to divide your goals into three distinct levels – and when to think about each of these respective areas so you make your goals a reality.
  • The ideal physiological state you need your body to be in for high performance – and a powerfully simple technique for getting it there.
  • Three components for peak performance in bodybuilding, athletics, or anything else – and the ideal sequence for utilizing these components.
  • Why you need to know what "problem-centric" thinking is and how to replace it within a minute so that you can think the way a top-performing athlete does.
  • Why you should strive to stretch your achievements each year and the optimal percentage you should aim for in doing so.
  • The real secret to turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts whenever you're having a tough day.
  • The best 12-word question to ask whenever you find yourself thinking negatively so that you immediately shift into a positive and productive mindset.
  • Why a 'mental workout' doesn't have to be perfect in order to be highly effective – and the one thing you need to be sure to do so that you build a winner's mindset.
  • The one mental tool that's powerfully more effective than any other for improving your performance.
  • What was Arnold Schwarzenegger really talking about when he said he'd visualize his biceps "growing like huge mountains" when he trained them? The likely answer might surprise you.

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