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Build Bigger Pecs

Even some top competitive bodybuilders fall short in their efforts to 'build bigger pecs.' I think the reason for this is an overemphasis on bench pressing movements and not enough focus on flyes. But not just any kind of flye movement is effective to build bigger pecs; they must be performed in a strict and concentrated manner in order to squarely target and stimulate the pectorals.

In this video, I quickly contrast the type of flye exercise form that often stunts chest development with the kind needed to build bigger pecs. In short, if you're performing a sort of cross between a dumbbell press and a flye movement, then you're cheating yourself out of the vital pectoral-targeting form required to build bigger pecs.

This is not the advice you're used to reading. However, there are quite a few power lifters in the world who can bench press enormous amounts of weight but have underdeveloped chest muscles relative to huge triceps and delts. Keep this in mind when considering less bench pressing and more flye movements (in strict form) to 'build bigger pecs.'

Build Big Biceps

If you've struggled for a long time to build big biceps and made little progress, you're not alone; I've been in the same boat. I've done standing barbell curls and every variation of dumbbell curling in an effort to get big biceps. Although those movements can be effective for biceps building, nothing's worked as well as combining my HardBody Success training protocol with the biceps exercises and sequence in this video.

To build big biceps, the muscle often needs to be hit with a sort of short-range continuous tension. Don't get me wrong; the muscle needs to be stimulated through a full range of motion. But there's no rule saying that the "full range" has to be covered all in one exercise; it can be broken up among three.

In this video, I demonstrate this technique to build big biceps. I show you how maximum tension in each of the three ranges of a full curl can be obtained from three different partial reps exercises to really help your biceps grow.

Easy Protein Meals

Really easy protein meals shouldn't have to involve cooking or even using a blender. You can quickly prepare easy protein meals using chocolate whey protein powder and any milk product such as yogurt or cottage cheese.

Of all the easy protein meals, the combination I demonstrate preparing in this video makes the most bodybuilding sense. It combines fast digesting whey protein with slowly-absorbed casein protein that's present in cottage cheese. This makes it a very well rounded choice among all the quick and easy protein meals you could choose. What's more, if you pick a quality-flavored chocolate whey protein and mix it with water at just the right consistency – eating a hefty amount of it with each spoonful of cottage cheese can seem more like a dessert than a bodybuilding meal.

Build Big Delts

Some bodybuilders want to build big delts but inadvertently cheat themselves out of delts growth by using ineffective exercise form. I've witnessed this often with anterior delts (or "front delts") exercises.

Building the front deltoids is vitally important in one's overall quest to "build big delts"; it's the part of the shoulders that's seen head-on. Yet some bodybuilders use their legs for momentum during dumbbell front raises – in effect removing some of the delts work from the movement. I've also observed the common mistake of lifting the dumbbell above parallel, which removes stress from the front deltoid completely for half the (now excessive) used range of motion.

To build big delts, it's important to avoid common errors while performing anterior deltoid exercises. In this video, I demonstrate these common errors to avoid and how a cable and weight stack might be the best tool in your quest to build big delts.

Protein Pancakes

Many bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts mistakenly believe they're required to abstain from all "bad foods" in order to get in shape and stay that way. But there are saving practices that remove the prospects of endless meals of dreary blandness:

   1. "Treat meals" (as opposed to "cheat meals")
   2. "Replacement recipes" (making "junk food" healthier)

"Protein pancakes" fall under the category of replacement recipe. They take what's typically a sugary breakfast food and replace much of the starch with muscle-building protein. Just by making this macro-nutrient shift, 'protein pancakes' recipes can change what's normally considered a junk food and make it conducive to muscle growth and fat loss.

There are a few protein pancakes recipes in existence. In this video, I demonstrate the preparation of a cottage-cheese based recipe for protein pancakes. If prepared correctly, the flavor comes pretty close to "real" pancakes.

You might want to try topping these protein pancakes with a low calorie, sugar-substituted syrup to discover whether that brings the flavor even closer to that of traditional pancakes.

Build Wider Lats

A big desire to 'build wider lats' is understandable: Wide latissimus dorsi muscles create the illusion of a smaller waist and provide balance for the upper body. But tens of thousands of men and women perform pull-ups and lat pull-downs to no avail; their lats never get wider despite their efforts.

One major reason for this is that many bodybuilders unwittingly use their arms when performing pull-downs and pull-ups. This is understandable; without a focused effort to do otherwise, the musculature will default to pulling from the arms during pull-downs if those muscles exceed the strength of the lats. But allowing this to happen will never serve to build wide lats.

In this video, I demonstrate the contrast between ineffective and effective form for building wider lats with pull-downs. The same rules need to be adhered to during pull-ups in your quest to build wide lats.

Ironically, workout weight usually needs to be temporarily reduced in order to shift the pulling from an arms/lats combination to one of using purely lats muscles. But don't worry: The advice to "train heavy" should be taken as a 'relative term' rather than an absolute one; only train heavy relative to the use of good workout form.

Trust me, your desire to 'build wider lats' will thank you for it.

'Muscle Building Nutrition' When in a hurry

Sometimes you need full "muscle building nutrition" in a single bowl of cereal. This makes it quick and convenient. But most breakfast cereals are high in simple sugars and low in protein. This makes muscle building nutrition from a bowl of cereal require a little more creativity.

This video demonstrates the preparation of just such a quick muscle building breakfast (or any meal). The dish combines a copious amount of high quality whey protein with long-term energy-producing complex carbohydrates and a nice dose of monounsaturated fat. The macro nutrient breakdown makes it a terrific muscle building nutrition meal inside of a single bowl.

BTW – I used Old Fashioned Oats (the bigger type) in the video but have since discovered the smaller 'One-Minute' variety to be better tasting for this dish. Top it with some sliced bananas and you'll have more carbs and added flavor.

I'll have to thank Bill Phillips for this 'muscle building nutrition' meal.

'Build Thick Lats'

Much like efforts to build wide lats, many-a-bodybuilders quest to 'build thick lats' is met with frustrating progress stalls. But the need to build thick lats is understandable, especially if one's pectoral development is progressing; thicker lats balance out what might otherwise become a front-heavy torso.

When one's efforts to build thick lats are stunted by plateau, it's often for the same reason that building wider lats gets stalled: namely, pulling with the arms rather than with the lats. In order to build thick lats, it's important to use effective form on rowing movements. This entails imagining the arms as merely extensions of the weight equipment handles and pulling the resistance from the area beneath the shoulder blades.

I can't take original credit for this form technique in building thicker lats. My knowledge of it came from a terrific article I discovered by bodybuilding legend Rich Gaspari way back in 1988. The info from that article, combined with my HardBody Success training methods, have done more for my 'build thick lats' campaign than anything else over the years.

This video quickly demonstrates the crucial difference in rowing form so you can build thick lats.

Quick Muscle Building 'Protein Meals'

One big key to muscle building success is making sure to consume plenty of high quality protein throughout each day. This is for the purpose of maintaining positive nitrogen balance and is best done by eating small to medium-sized frequent meals (5 to 6 daily) containing around thirty to forty grams of protein at each of these approximately three-hour-spaced feedings.

Yet most of us are busy; it seems difficult to come up with food items that are palatable, convenient, and conducive to muscle building while allowing us to acquire and maintain leanness at the same time.

But quick and easy muscle building meals that provide adequate 'flavor pizzazz' are often right under our noses. There's not much in the way of muscle building meals more convenient than a sandwich. Best of all, it only takes is a couple of modifications to a sandwich to make it worthy of being called a meal that helps build muscle and keep off body fat.

Salads make great 'Body Building Meals'

A salad made of tuna or chicken, brown rice, and diced up veggies makes a terrific batch of several convenient body building meals. For the one I made in the video, I used iceberg lettuce as one of the ingredients. You might want to substitute raw spinach for the lettuce in order to make a more nutritious bodybuilding salad as iceberg lettuce is nutritionally lacking by comparison. Whichever you prefer, the big advantage of these salad-type ‘body building meals’ is the convenience with which you can snack on them once they’re prepared and refrigerated.

'Muscle Building Smoothies'

A good muscle building smoothie is the epitome of nutritional convenience. When you’re on the run, there’s no faster way to consume a body building meal than by combining an economical MRE with some real food to create ‘measured calorie’ “body building shakes.”

For the record, I’m not an affiliate or business associate of the company that produces/markets the MRE (meal ready to eat) shown in the video. I’ve simply found it to be the best tasting one out there containing ingredients most conducive to muscle gains/fat loss when creating ‘muscle building smoothies.’

Some of the best ingredients I’ve discovered for adding to ‘muscle building smoothies’ are almonds and plain low-fat yogurt. The benefits of these ingredients are explained right here.

'High Protein Sandwich'

This 'high protein sandwich' can be made into even more of a power sandwich by adding sliced banana pieces to the mix. A detailed description can be found right here.

Another 'Bodybuilding Sandwich' – Albeit with questionable ingredients

Okay… so tuna and oatmeal doesn’t sound like the tastiest combination. I found this recipe elsewhere on the Internet and decided to experiment with it. This has a good nutritional profile. Not too bad but the palatability, admittedly, leaves a lot to be desired.