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"Building a Nice Body":
'The Secret' is embodied by this one word

by Scott Abbett


Are you one of a growing number of 'muscle building' and 'fat burning' enthusiasts who find the amount of information on 'building a better body' downright dizzying? Are you confused by the overload of information in the 'natural bodybuilding' and fitness arenas and wondering whom and what to believe?

Big Pectorals

To clarify this widespread confusion, let's take a look at how ridiculous the muscle and fitness industry has become. On the one hand, we've got this array of supplement companies hawking every stupid combination of (mostly worthless) ingredients that can be conceived. They promote these concoctions with hard copy magazines and websites depicting pro bodybuilders who are supposed to inspire us to use bodybuilding supplements while the bodybuilders themselves are juiced to the hilt on bodybuilding drugs just to maintain their appearances.

On the other hand, we've got a new crop of "muscle building experts" hawking their body building books online who are saying that all these supplement companies are full of you-know-what. Some of these muscle building gurus claim expertise on the subject with no more than 20 to 25 years of life behind them. They write an 'e-book' containing generic information that was originated by the likes of Mike Mentzer or Vince Gironda - post 'before and after' photos in which they're no more than 14 years old in the before shot (some post no pictures of themselves at all) - then recruit every Internet affiliate they can find who possess similar photos and a desire to get in on the sales with a testimonial. The most ridiculous topper to these cheesy promotions is the newspaper with the illegible cover picture and date that the dufus has nerve enough to hold up in the photos (what is that supposed to mean?).

No wonder so many are confused.

The Simple Reason for so much BS in Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness

In a word. it's steroids. The use of these drugs and the ease of concealing such use (both past and present) is one huge reason for distortions within this industry.

For example, I knew a bodybuilder in the 1990s that was on so many bodybuilding drugs that people could smell the stuff oozing out of his pores as he gained size like a human puffer fish. Years later, he was off the drugs and marketing himself as a "natural bodybuilder." Much of his drug-built size remained. Yet he trained clients who were ACTUALLY natural bodybuilders. It was no wonder to me that his clients seemed to make little or no progress as his knowledge of effective natural bodybuilding techniques was minimal to nil.

Steroids and Human Growth Hormone are powerful drugs. They completely change the strategy options of those who use them. Trainees who utilize bodybuilding drugs can make massive amounts of what would be progress-stultifying mistakes for the natural bodybuilder, yet still make progress. Then, within this distorted context, it becomes too easy and tempting for some people to "cheat" - utilizing steroids for one's personal progress while selling oneself as an expert within the natural bodybuilding and fitness arenas. This is the root of misinformation and distortion within the muscle building and fitness industries.

One Word describes 'The Secret' to "Building a Nice Body."

Natural Muscle Gains and Fat Burning Secrets

If building a nice body eludes you despite the proliferation of "information" that should help, it's likely due to a lack of practicing what can be summed up in one word: 'synergism.' Building a nice body through muscle building and fat burning has to be done synergistically - through an optimal combination of individual ingredients whose sum more efficiently concludes in the desired outcome than any alternative combination of ingredients. This optimal combination of ingredients needs to start with an effective bodybuilding routine as its foundation. That routine needs to be coupled with just the right amount of rest/recuperation days between workouts. Once these two elements are in place, you'll have a solid foundation on which to add just the right supplemental ingredients in a way that can actually make a positive difference - through synergism.

Do Bodybuilding Supplements Work?

Bodybuilding supplements should be utilized in a manner that reflects what their name implies: They should supplement bodybuilding progress - not be relied upon to fully conduct it. What many natural bodybuilders mistakenly implement is a bodybuilding program consisting of a workout and recuperation schedule that's wholly ineffective while resorting to supplements in a vain attempt to jumpstart muscle gains that can only be jumpstarted with an effective routine. This is how supplement companies perpetually make revenues.

This doesn't mean that all bodybuilding and fitness supplements are "worthless", as the Internet workout routine hustlers would have you believe. It just means you need to be very selective in which bodybuilding supplements you use - strategic in how you use them - and above all, remember that they need to fit into the big picture in a synergistic manner.

In conclusion: Once you fully grasp the power of synergism, you'll never see the bodybuilding industry or your own muscle gaining potential in the same way you always have.

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