About HardBody Success

HardBody Success is all about applying principles of maximum efficiency to the quest of building a better body. It is about using ONLY what’s useful to build muscle, lose fat, and create a stronger body and a more powerful mind. It’s about synergistically combining the best bodybuilding and fitness strategies with mental training techniques so that the whole provides results that are greater than the sum of its parts.

HardBody Success is about saving time and money while eliminating the frustration and heartache that too often accompany people’s attempts to build a stronger, leaner, and more muscular body. It accomplishes this by first providing the right mental mindset and then synergistically meshing that with the most cutting-edge and unique physical routine.

Scott Abbett, author of ‘HardBody Success’, says there are two ways to apply the mind to natural bodybuilding and fitness in order to get exciting and lasting results:

  1. Apply rational thinking to one’s bodybuilding and fitness.

  2. Add a super-charged subconscious mindset and enhanced self-image to this logically created routine for lasting positive changes to one’s body and life.
Too often, the first of these isn’t even discovered or utilized. Well-intentioned people everywhere are spinning their wheels and wasting their time using routines that will never get them the body they desire. That’s because not much critical reasoning has gone into designing these routines. They are simply the same old tired-out and ineffective methods with new nonsensical buzzwords like “core training” or “muscle confusion” or “time under tension” attached to them.

Yet when rational thinking has been applied to an individual’s muscle breakdown/recuperation and fat burning routines, a solid foundation of success is established. Only then can a bit of supplementation and ‘mental training’ take body improvement to the next level. And going to that next level through the synergistic combination of rational training and a ‘champion’s mindset’ is what creates ongoing motivation that so many other programs can’t supply.

Who is HardBody Success for? It’s for anyone who…

  • Has bought tons of bodybuilding supplements and felt like they’ve wasted money.

  • Has bought some generic routine by an “Internet bodybuilding guru” and felt like they’ve wasted their money.

  • Was told that they could build a nice body by pushing and pulling their own bodyweight.

  • Was told that they could build a nice body by dancing around in front of the television like Richard Simmons (with a few dumbbells added in).

  • Was led to believe that there’s such a thing as “muscle confusion.”

  • Was led to believe that they should train like their personal trainer tells them when their trainer actually built his or her body with steroids.

  • Was told that the “secret” to building muscle is stuffing down so much food that they spend half the day nauseated and the other half feeling sleepy.

  • Was told that they could build a nice body by hanging two-hundred pounds worth of resistance straps to their bedroom door and then “working out” with it.

  • Is tired of bodybuilding product marketers who are either former steroid users or arm-chair experts who never provide pictures of their own bodies.
Some people subscribe to the notion that “any action is better than no action.” With HardBody Success, we reject that fallacy with the acknowledgement that many actions yield little or no results while wasting valuable time in the process. Therefore, we embrace the principle that only ‘successful action’ is valuable and is what leads to exciting bodybuilding outcomes that perpetuate fitness motivation.

That’s what HardBody Success – both the website and book – are wholly dedicated to.